Buckets of Flowers – late June thru mid October

Call ahead to check availability and we’ll have buckets ready for you at $65-$75 per bucket at the farm. As we have many weddings, buckets may be unavailable or limited some weeks. In general, you  may not reserve buckets more than 14 days in advance and from late June – mid October.

suns, delphinium, lily

suns, delphinium, lily

Bucket Prices

A true mixed bucket of whatever flowers are blooming is $65.  The price of the bucket increases if a particular color is needed or if more higher priced stems are requested  (sunflowers, lisianthus, peonies, hydrangea etc).

Higher priced flowers can also be purchased by the stem when available: hydrangea $3-4/stem; lisianthus $1-2/stem, dahlias $1-3 /stem etc. Two or more buckets must be prepaid.


If you are picking up buckets, please make sure your vehicle has enough flat space to transport your flowers comfortably. They are not happy in the open bed of a pick up truck or on a back seat.

Bring your own bucket

Bring your own buckets/containers if possible so you don’t have to return ours.