2018 CSA May 19-July 21

Why give the gift of one bouquet for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day when you can give the gift of 10 weeks of beautiful flowers, grown right here on our sixth generation farm in East Tennessee? This year we are offering another 10 week flower share running from May 19-July 21. Each week, hand tied bouquets will be available for pickup in Johnson City at the must-visit Reclaimed Inspired Goods during their Saturday business hours (10-4) or at the farm Friday evening.


Grandson Jackson enjoying summer bouquets at Reclaimed

Flower shares provide a unique opportunity to gift someone with beautiful, locally grown and arranged flowers, bringing a bit of our farm into your home or office each week. Changing from wild, light spring bouquets to bright, fuller summer bouquets, your hand-tied bouquet will reflect the changing flowers of each season.

A CSA customer from last season remarked, “This is why I value CSAs. They keep old farms vital and preserve both heritage and landscape, not to mention community”. Our CSA has afforded us the means to hire on and keep a favorite farm worker Anna McKay who manages the CSA,  allowing for the continued sustainable maintenance of a farm that has been in the family for over 200 years. We hope you choose to take part in our growing CSA operation and gift a share to yourself or someone you love, thereby supporting the continued mission of our farm.

If you are gifting a CSA Share for a holiday or another special occassion, we can provide a lovely card explaining your thoughtful gift. Just let Anna know and she’ll have a card ready to be picked up at Reclaimed or mailed.

If you are interested in a share, please email Anna at anna.mckay94@gmail.com or call or text 315-297-6493 to get on our list and for payment details. The Bouquet Share is $15/week for 10 weeks for a $150 total which allows us to provide a bouquet perfect for your home or office. Payment is non-refundable and full payment must be received to reserve your 10 week flower share. This info is also on the website 2018 CSA Bouquet Shares

If for some reason, you cannot get your bouquet, you can gift that bouquet to a friend who can pick up in your place. Flower shares are limited so act quickly! Last year  both CSAs sold out. And just since we posted on social media this weekend we have already sold over half our shares. We are planting seeds now and would like a gauge of how many of these crazy little fellers we need to plant!

Transplanting more of these oh-so-good smelling sweet peas into the hoop house today!

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Here’re some more CSA bouquets from last year

May always smells fresh


Bright Lights of June ready and waiting at Reclaimed! Toes and photo by Anna Hedges Photography

FullSizeRender 18

In July bouquets just make me happy


Lisianthus! A fitting end to the first Flower Share season


Visit to Daytime TriCities

Click on the link below to see the clip from Daytime this past Monday. Always fun to visit! Still spots if you’d like to join us tomorrow, Saturday, for our Beauty of Winter Gathering! Gonna be a beautiful day! Call or text 423-367-0361.


And because things are just prettier with flowers, here’s a picture of Lauren and William’s wedding at the always lovely Storybrook Farm this past August captured perfectly by Anna Hedges Photography! Reminds us Summer will really come and will be worth the wait!  We are just about full for summer weddings and again I’m amazed at how many lovely young bride’s to be there are in the TriCities!


Beauty of Winter Saturday, January 20, 2-4 p.m. $35

A quick note. I’ll be on Daytime TriCities this morning WJHL at 11 a.m. (Monday). If you’re free please join us!

I appreciate the slower pace that winter brings to our farm and appreciate also having time time to wander through the fields and rolling pastures. This winter for some reason I’m kind of obsessed with gathering weeds while I wander and creating wild and wooly bouquets, table pieces, and wreaths.  Perhaps someone else who might not have the pleasure of owning a farm would like to come and wander with me and create a wild masterpiece along the way.

So, this Saturday, January 20th, from 2 to about 4 p.m. we’re inviting you to do just that.  The high is forecast to be 53° with 0% chance of rain which should be ideal.  Bring a vase or container of your choosing for a table piece,  create a wreath with gathered vines, or shape a bouquet and tie with ribbon.  Cost for the afternoon is $35 and because the turnaround time is short, no need to prepay. Please email auntwillies@gmail.com, or call or text 423-367-0361 by Thursday to check availability and reserve your spot.


FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 44

Bring nippers if you have them and work gloves for something prickly. You will need to be able to walk the fields so please wear clothing that will allow that, including sturdy shoes or boots. We’ll begin at Aunt Willie’s house (207 Bruce Doan Rd, corner of Bruce Doan and Bondtown) and after we walk the fields there, we’ll likely drive to the Homeplace but there’re no enforcable rules for this one.

We look forward to spending some time with you and sharing the special beauty that graces  our farm in the stillness of winter.


Final Fall Fling! Bouquet Workshop Saturday and Farm Tour Sunday.


Lauren was one of our 3 beautiful brides last weekend. Photo by Evergreen Film Co.

Well, it’s been a wonderful growing season here in East Tennessee. Rain and cool temps kept the dahlias happy and when the dahlias are happy, we’re happy. Such wonderful brides we’ve worked with this summer and last wedding was picked up today! We’re ready for the season to wind down as we’re older than dirt and can’t keep the pace we once did, but can’t quite give up either. So, we’ve added two last minute flower events for this weekend.


We love everything about Reclaimed Inspired Goods! They’re the unique little shop in downtown Johnson City that served as our CSA bouquet pick up this summer. They’ve invited me to do a hand-tied bouquet workshop this Saturday and I’m excited about it. The first time slot is filled, but there are openings at 2:30 p.m. and the cost is $75. You’ll get to play with our flowers and wonderful fall foliage and then tie with lots of pretty fall ribbon. If you’re interested, call Reclaimed at 423.328.9474 by noon tomorrow, Friday,  to register.

IMG_2770And finally, we’ve added one more Farm Tour while the temps are warm and the air is clear. We’ll meet at the Homeplace (399 Bruce Doan Rd., Blountville, TN 371617) at 3 p.m. Sunday. If you’re interested, please call or text 423.367.0361 to reserve your spot. Cost is $20, cash or check, and includes a ball jar bouquet of pretty foliages and a few hanging-on flowers that you will make as we tour! No need to prepay as this is very last minute. Bring nippers if you have them.

So, if you’re able, join me Saturday at Reclaimed Inspired Goods or Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Homeplace. If you don’t come to either event, please get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!  It can’t last forever!!

roy n boys

Well, and what’s a blog post from me without my favorite boys :)


Press News and Late Summer 6-Week CSA


So excited to see the beautiful 6-page spread about our farm and fall workshop in the well-crafted Summer 2017 issue of Southern Farm & Garden magazine. We just got our copy from Barnes and Noble in Johnson City! Special thanks to Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers  for writing so beautifully this piece! We are constantly reminded just how fortunate we are to have all that goes with this 200 acre farm nestled in the Appalachian mountains of East Tennessee.

And, on another now, we want to thank each of you so much who participated in this spring/early summer CSA! It was a joy to be able to bring flowers into your homes and offices and use the bounty of the farm. It wouldn’t have been possible without you and we appreciate it very much.

july bucket

four of last week’s CSA bouquets

So,  we are excited to announce a second CSA this season! The season will run for 6 weeks, beginning Saturday August 5, and ending Saturday September 9. The cost will still be $15 a week, totally $90 for the 6-week share. We have lisianthus that will be blooming for the next three weeks or so, lots of limelight and tardiva hydrangea, zinnias, black eyed Susans,


sweet lissies

and the dahlias will continue throughout the season. You can also keep your eye out for other fall bloomers coming soon. Again, our delightful farm intern, Anna McKay, will be managing the CSA details.We’re so pleased to again be partnering with always-fun-to-visit Reclaimed Inspired Goods in Johnson City who will serve as our pick-up point. Bouquets may be picked up Saturdays during business hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Reclaimed. If for some reason, you cannot get your bouquet, you can gift that bouquet to a friend who can pick up in your place. Flower shares are limited so act quickly!

If you are interested in participating, please email Anna at anna.mckay94@gmail.com or call or text her at 315-297-6493 for payment details (you’ll be sending check to Anna). Payment is non-refundable and total payment should be received to reserve your 6-week flower share. Since next week is short notice for getting a check in, if you confirm with Anna that it is in the mail before Saturday August 5, you will be all set.

lisi cart july

lisianthus and suns we cut yesterday!

kristin dahlias

and always dahlias galore!

So, we hope you will join us and support local blooms! And thank you for the many ways you support our little farm adventure!

What’s Happening at the Farm

Well, we’re keeping pretty busy out here in the country. Weddings are off and running and once again we think we have the sweetest brides in the TriCities. Love this pic taken by ALM Photo of Alix’s bouquet from our first wedding of the season.

april 29 Alix

Our first ever Flower CSA sold out quickly and we’re enjoying creating bouquets each week that are picked up Saturdays at my favorite store, Reclaimed Inspired Goods in Johnson City.


CSA bouquets ready and waiting

We have a Farm Tour scheduled for this Sunday,  June 25 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. Click here for more details and to reserve a spot. Roy will be telling Civil War stories and we’ll visit all the run down old buildings and flower beds.

IMG_7733chicken coop


photo by Mark Peacock


And we’ve added a Centerpiece Workshop July 15th that includes a bucket of flowers to take home. A percentage of the profits from this workshop will go to benefit the Mid South Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association in Kingsport. (these 2 photos by the talented Anna Hedges)


Finally,  I’ll be on Daytime TriCities this morning, Monday, June 20th at 10 a.m. WJHL


Always fun on Daytime

Soooo, I guess you could say we’re keeping busy. Would love to have you join us for the Farm Tour or Centerpiece Workshop. Life is busy with flowers and farm but still love time we get to spend with our grandsons. Keller is 5 and Jackson is 2 and we’re so thankful they seem to love the farm too.  Well, and Roy just happens to be the best Granddad around these parts.

roy n boys

So many blessings we can’t keep count. Thank you all for sharing our love of flowers and all things farm. You add richness to our lives.

Bird’s Nest and Spring Bouquet Workshop $55, Saturday, March 18, 9:30-11:30 a.m.

birdsnest 16

Birds’s Nest Flower Farmer Style!

Our little farm is waking up early from its winter’s nap. Daffodils are blooming down by the chicken coop and we’ve cut our first anemone in the hoop house. A few ranunculus are in bud, pussy willow and curly willow are already cut and stored, and several thousand seedlings are sprouting in trays. So, while we still have a little time to breathe thought we’d share a bit of our farm and our early blooms with those who might like to visit. Saturday March 18th (please note date change if you watched Daytime TriCities :)  we’ll gather at the Homeplace where each will create a Bird’s Nest centerpiece that will keep all Spring and beyond and then a fresh Spring bouquet. All materials, including moss from the old road bed, dried and fresh flowers, and an assortment of things found in our fields and woodlands will be available as we assemble a flower farmer’s version of a bird’s nest and bouquet. We’re also saving two spots for single moms at no charge. So if you know a single mom, why not offer to keep her kiddos so she can have a free morning at the farm!

daffodils aw window

Daffodils have arrived early. . . daffodils

Spring branches are opening . . . maybe even wild peach by then


and lenten roses and anemone will join us for sure!

ruby red

And of course light refreshments will be shared.

If interested, please call or text Linda at 423-367-0361 to check availability, or e-mail auntwillies@gmail.com. Nonrefundable $55 registration fee must be prepaid. Checks sent to 385 Bruce Doan Rd., Blountville, TN 37617. Minimum 7 and maximum 12 participants.

And remember, we’re saving two spots for single moms at no charge!

Farm Tour (and bouquet), Wed., Oct 26, 1:30-3:30 p.m. Cost $20

First off, this morning I was on  DayTime TriCities and here’s the link if you’d like to take a peek.

So much to tell you all – so many more sweet brides and a “Happily Ever After” 3 day design workshop two weeks ago that has been a dream of mine for some time.  But that will have to wait, as we’ve decided to invite you to join us on our farm when it’s prettiest in all it’s fall-foliage-finest.

Many of you ask if you can come and visit and we usually have to say no because we’re a spread out working farm with groundhog holes and cow manure to step in, but we try to open it up at least once a year for folk to visit. So, please join us Oct 26 if you’re willing and able.  We’ll start at the Homeplace where Roy will share a bit about the old farm including stories from the Civil War times when the Homeplace was being built, then we’ll tour the dahlia beds, hoop house, chicken coop, Aunt Willie’s house and all the flower and perennial beds talking flowers and farm the whole time. We’ll have jars ready for you so you can nip here and there to create your own ball jar bouquet. Cost is $20 and includes tour and ball jar bouquet of flowers. Limit 20 participants.  Click here to visit web page with more details.

woods fall

a pretty spot in the world

cafe au lait oct 1

baring a freeze, which is not forecast , there will be dahlias a plenty!

So come spend an afternoon on the farm with a couple of old farmers. We’d love to have you join us.


And more weddings!

Wow! 25 down and 15 to go!  Still have kindest, dearest, prettiest-inside-and-out brides in the TriCities! I’ll just post bride bouquets again just to give you a glimpse of my lovely world. If you would have told me even 5 years ago I’d have the opportunity to work flowers and sweet brides all summer long I would have laughed out loud. Never underestimate what your future can hold and the blessings that are in store. Enjoy a peek at my world.

july 10 kristen

Kristen and Serg, July 10 Chateau Selah

july 3laura

Laura and Logan, July 3 The Millstone

july 2 kelley

Kelley and Matt, July 2 Storybrook Farm

june 26 cleo

Cleo and Aaron, June 26 at The Millstone (modeled by Sarah)

june 25 brite jerry

Jerry and William, June 25 at The Foundation

june 25 lee n me

Lee and Jeff, June 25 at Grandview Christian Church (I didn’t get a good pic of Lee’s bouquet so here I am handing to her – pic by Meagan Roland)

june 25 Emilee

Emilee and Jay, June 25 at Nolichucky Vineyard (here’s Sarah again only this time with cows:)

And that was actually just the last three weeks worth of weddings. I’ll post our early spring weddings in another post.

And have to end with our view from the deck yesterday evening.  Can you see why I love this farm (and the farmer who goes along with it :)

rianbow plus

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings


Photo by Erin McCall Photography

As most of you know I’ve fallen in love with weddings. While they’re lots and lots of work and stress they come with the prettiest flowers and the loveliest brides! My plan to post after every wedding as it happens somehow went awry so I’ll play a bit of catch up and just post pics of brides bouquets from some of our weddings this spring, working backwards. Will do another post with earlier weddings soon.  We’re just about at the halfway point with 18 weddings down and 22 to go.  Weddings where I’ve received photos from the wedding photographer I’ll try to post as separate blogs as time allows – which probably means November :)  But it’s been a sweet ride so far and looking forward to more fun and flowers as the summer progresses.

I’m much better at Instagram so if you’d like  more frequent and detailed glimpses, you can follow me there or like my Aunt Willies Wildflowers facebook page and follow me there.

We’ll try to work in a workshop or two and will post as those develop. In the meantime you can buy our flowers Saturdays at the Johnson City Farmer’s Market where our farmgal Katie Cachiaras is set up street side not far from the donut truck! Look for her blue canopy and signs for New Seeds Farm.


Hillary and Zack, June 17 at Allendale Mansion

june 4 stacy

Stacy and Jim, June 4 at Grandview Christian Church

june 3 pink:coral

Laura and Grant, June 4 at Hidden Meadows

May 27 Amy

Amy and Jake, May 27 at Bristol Train Station

june 3 brook2

Brook and Andrew, June 3 at Meredith Valley Farm

May 28 Lauren

Lauren and Dusty, May 28 at The Old Farm in Bristol

May 28 blue alyson

Alyson and Adam , May 28 at a Private Home in Bristol

May Alyson

Madison and Drew, May 21 at Storybrook Farm

may 21 yellow

Bethany and Don, May 21 at Triple J Farm in Roan Mt.

Can see why I love what I do?  Every day is new and different on a farm and each morning holds the hope of new blooms and new blessings. Thank you all for following us on our journey, and now please get out and enjoy this first day of summer!