Dahlia Clean Up Tomorrow! Wednesday, Nov 7, 10-3 We need you !!

All those pretty dahlias we’ve enjoyed this summer are ready to sleep for the winter and they need some help getting tucked in.  Spur of the moment, which is how we operate best, we’ve decided to ask for volunteers to come help us with exciting jobs like pulling netting, cutting back stalks, hauling off and then doing it all over again. It’s a beautiful day tomorrow and again on Thursday. We’re asking for volunteers for tomorrow, Wednesday, but if you’re not free then and are on Thursday, let us know that too.  Dahlias are a LOT of work but oh so worth it!

cafe au lait oct 1

The ever lovely Cafe Au Last

We used to dig all our dahlias, but discovered we could cut them back and mulch them well and they would survive our winters. We usually dig and divide a row as eventually the tubers will get too large and produce less if left in the ground too long. We found that we had a better tuber survival rate overwintering in the ground than in Aunt Willie’s basement as I’m terrible at checking on things when they need to be checked.

pump sm1

Dahlias fill out a pumpkin perfectly!

So, if you’d like to join our merry band and help with these exciting tasks, and if you’re reasonably strong with a healthy back,

please e-mail auntwillies@gmail.com or message me here and I’ll give you more details. While you’re here, we’ll come up to the house and enjoy the view while we eat lunch and as added “pay” we’ll also gift you one bucket of Christmas greens come December.

“Hope to hear from you soon”, she shamelessly begged :)



2 thoughts on “Dahlia Clean Up Tomorrow! Wednesday, Nov 7, 10-3 We need you !!

  1. Hello Linda! I can come but I need to leave at 2:00. Also, are there Dahlias left to cut? I could bring a jar Or I could just bring a vase that you once brought to my house.

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