And more weddings!

Wow! 25 down and 15 to go!  Still have kindest, dearest, prettiest-inside-and-out brides in the TriCities! I’ll just post bride bouquets again just to give you a glimpse of my lovely world. If you would have told me even 5 years ago I’d have the opportunity to work flowers and sweet brides all summer long I would have laughed out loud. Never underestimate what your future can hold and the blessings that are in store. Enjoy a peek at my world.

july 10 kristen

Kristen and Serg, July 10 Chateau Selah

july 3laura

Laura and Logan, July 3 The Millstone

july 2 kelley

Kelley and Matt, July 2 Storybrook Farm

june 26 cleo

Cleo and Aaron, June 26 at The Millstone (modeled by Sarah)

june 25 brite jerry

Jerry and William, June 25 at The Foundation

june 25 lee n me

Lee and Jeff, June 25 at Grandview Christian Church (I didn’t get a good pic of Lee’s bouquet so here I am handing to her – pic by Meagan Roland)

june 25 Emilee

Emilee and Jay, June 25 at Nolichucky Vineyard (here’s Sarah again only this time with cows:)

And that was actually just the last three weeks worth of weddings. I’ll post our early spring weddings in another post.

And have to end with our view from the deck yesterday evening.  Can you see why I love this farm (and the farmer who goes along with it :)

rianbow plus

2 thoughts on “And more weddings!

  1. Lovely way to spend helping people enjoy a very special time. The flowers are beautiful and so nice that they come from someone who truly loves what she does! Can’t wait for another class!!!! Janice Mcclanahan

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