Weddings, Weddings, Weddings


Photo by Erin McCall Photography

As most of you know I’ve fallen in love with weddings. While they’re lots and lots of work and stress they come with the prettiest flowers and the loveliest brides! My plan to post after every wedding as it happens somehow went awry so I’ll play a bit of catch up and just post pics of brides bouquets from some of our weddings this spring, working backwards. Will do another post with earlier weddings soon.  We’re just about at the halfway point with 18 weddings down and 22 to go.  Weddings where I’ve received photos from the wedding photographer I’ll try to post as separate blogs as time allows – which probably means November :)  But it’s been a sweet ride so far and looking forward to more fun and flowers as the summer progresses.

I’m much better at Instagram so if you’d like  more frequent and detailed glimpses, you can follow me there or like my Aunt Willies Wildflowers facebook page and follow me there.

We’ll try to work in a workshop or two and will post as those develop. In the meantime you can buy our flowers Saturdays at the Johnson City Farmer’s Market where our farmgal Katie Cachiaras is set up street side not far from the donut truck! Look for her blue canopy and signs for New Seeds Farm.


Hillary and Zack, June 17 at Allendale Mansion

june 4 stacy

Stacy and Jim, June 4 at Grandview Christian Church

june 3 pink:coral

Laura and Grant, June 4 at Hidden Meadows

May 27 Amy

Amy and Jake, May 27 at Bristol Train Station

june 3 brook2

Brook and Andrew, June 3 at Meredith Valley Farm

May 28 Lauren

Lauren and Dusty, May 28 at The Old Farm in Bristol

May 28 blue alyson

Alyson and Adam , May 28 at a Private Home in Bristol

May Alyson

Madison and Drew, May 21 at Storybrook Farm

may 21 yellow

Bethany and Don, May 21 at Triple J Farm in Roan Mt.

Can see why I love what I do?  Every day is new and different on a farm and each morning holds the hope of new blooms and new blessings. Thank you all for following us on our journey, and now please get out and enjoy this first day of summer!

6 thoughts on “Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

  1. Linda, Thanks for the post. *Posting pictures of **just the brides’ bouquets **really showcases your diverse and creative expertise.* (I’m assuming that the first picture in which you are holding is also a bride’s bouquet.) Loretta

  2. Receiving your emails and looking at all the beautiful creations is one of the highlights of opening my emails at work! J You make such beautiful flowers. Who would’ve thunk it? Lol


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