September 6, Elicia and Blaine

bride purple

Elicia’s bouquet

Elicia has a calf named Chip (aka chipped beef) and Blaine farms his family land, so of course I was excited for this wedding at beautiful Storybrook Farm. The bride choose a cool pallet which matched our dahlias perfectly. Take a look and see if you don’t agree this had to be a fun one for me!

maids soft focus

Eight pretty maids

ball jars cool

A few of the 22 table pieces


For the moms and grannies


Hops for the bouts!

table pieces dahlias

Table piece up close

wedding party

And even cowboy boots , perfect!

Happy trails to Elicia and Blaine and many blessings as well!

3 thoughts on “September 6, Elicia and Blaine

  1. Linda, these are absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the addition of golden rod to them! If you ever need some free labor to help let me know! Would love to work w flowers w you – miss that! What did you use/ do for stems of bouts? I can’t tell what that is? Lambs ears? Beautiful work and photography!! How’s your grand babies? Sydney and Tara were here a couple weeks ago to meet great grand parents. She is changing so fast. Makes me sad we don’t live closer. I’m going out end of September to babysit while Tara has some business meetings out of town- I get to be the nanny:). Not doing a very good job of keeping up w weeds in my beds at home. Out of control w this rain and heat. Hope all is well w you and Roy ! Karen

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  2. Karen, good to hear from you and thanks for your kind words. The stem of the bouts I think you’re asking about is dusty miller. Boys are wonderful and I’m glad you’re going to get to see Sydney again soon. Come visit or let’s meet at Raphael’s.

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