Dahlias by the Dozens Saturday, Sept 13, 9-11 a.m.

photo by Michael Kaal photography

photo by Michael Kaal photography

I have fallen in love with dahlias and as you can see here our dahlia beds have never looked prettier! Even though we’re still in the thick of weddings we’ve decided to add a cutting party of sorts Saturday morning 9/13/14. We’ll begin with coffee and something sweet at Aunt Willies (207 Bruce Doan Rd.) where I’ll share what I’ve learned about dahlias. We’ll look over a handout that will include dahlia tips as well as my favorite places to order tubers etc. Then we’ll move out to the dahlia beds and I’ll demonstrate how to cut efficiently and then turn folk loose to cut a full bucket of dahlias to take home and play with. If interested, check in at auntwillies@gmail.com or call or text 423-367-0361. We’ll furnish food, flowers, instruction, and even the bucket. Dress for a dirty farm and bring nippers if you have them. Limit 10 participants. Cost $50 (which is less than the cost of a bucket of dahlias)
dahlias prettyThanks to all our wonderful Summer’s Bounty participants! We had a full house and many a pretty bouquet was created! Hope to have pictures soon.

Also, I’ll be on Daytime TriCities today (9/5/14).

6 thoughts on “Dahlias by the Dozens Saturday, Sept 13, 9-11 a.m.

  1. Soooo beautiful, Linda!!! I might actually get to be out of town that weekend for some fun but if I’m not, I’ll be sure and come. My dahlias aren’t blooming at all this year….who knows why!? Hugs to you – miss you loads!!! Karen

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