July 19, Hannah and David

hannah'sHannah worked a bit for us last summer so arranging flowers for her wedding was a delight. She knew exactly the dahlias she wanted and the color combinations and while she wanted us to do her personal flowers, she and her maids created reception pieces for displaying at the beautiful Storybrook Farm. Hanna chose cafe au lait dahlias for her bouquet with ammi, burgundy dahlias, scabiosa pods, lisianthus, a few weeds, and raspberries for good measure.
6 maids carried dahlias as well but a slightly different mix.

mom's bouquets

The mom’s carried hand-tied bouquets also and stayed in Hannah’s graceful pallet.

For bouts we used globe thistle, scabiosa pod and raspberries.

Twin pieces at Hopwood Christian Church blended poke weed, hydrangea, and coneflowers with dahlias which I thought complimented the wonderful stained glass windows.

white pitcher
Even the leftovers were put to good use as I took these to church with me the next day!

Hannah and David, you are a dear couple and I know God will use you mightily. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

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