May 24th Charli and Brandon

Charli chose wild and cool for her wedding last Saturday. She picked up buckets and created her own table arrangements and also made her bridesmaids’ bouquets from baby’s breath – go Pinterest.  Happily, I got to do the fun stuff! For Charli’s bouquet I used purples, blues, and pinks and I’ve listed the flowers with the pictures below.  The cool pallet worked well with aqua ball jars for the church and reception. Bouts were made out of a blue spiderwort that bloomed on cue which pleased me as blues can be hard to find. So, please enjoy this peek at Charli and Brandon’s wedding. I hope the bride and groom are relaxing and enjoying a week when they’re not planning a wedding :)

peonies, stock, ammi, iris, ranunculus

peonies, stock, ammi, iris, ranunculus, and mock orange for Charli!

like these against the red of the chicken coop

Delphinium, viburnum, and rhododendron added to the mix. Like these textures against the red of the chicken coop.

braided bride's bouquet handle with twin then tied braided bride’s bouquet handle with twine then tied simple bow

the flower soapwort is lot's prettier than it's name the flower soapwort is lot’s prettier than it’s name.

I enjoyed arranging these flowers and getting to know Charli better as she ran to and from the farm gathering up flowers midst all her other wedding chores. Thank you, Charli, and many blessings!



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