May 24th, Katie and Justin

Went to a wonderful workshop in Boone, NC with Kelly Perry of Philosophy Flowers on May 11-13. Two and a half days with folk just like me only MUCH younger :) but we all loved flowers and that was the great equalizer. Will post in the next week or so with details and pictures.

Two weddings this past weekend and buckets to a third so no time to get in trouble!  Charli’s gets her own post later this week. Katie wanted wild and bright and no white so a fun challenge for me! She did allow white in her mom’s hand tied and  in the two large pieces but that was it.  She and I both love orange so there was at least one orange flower in most everything. Wedding and reception were at the Jonesborough Storytelling Center  – a great spot to show off flowers. Katie was beaming and her flowers seemed to match the bright happy mood of the day.

love this jadeite pitcher

pretty blooms showing off in a pretty pitcher!

Katie's bouquet seems at home on the table in the Homeplace

Katie’s bouquet seems comfortable on the old table at the Homeplace

maid of honor

maid of honor looking regal

sweet and simple Jr maids

sweet and simple Jr maids

moms' and grandmas' Mom got white!

moms’ and grandmas’  – Mom’s white!

first calendula of the season just in time

first calendula of the season just in time for Justin’s bout

this pitcher matched seating chart perfectly!

Perfect match!


fun times two!

fun times two!

I have a great place to work :)

These were 2 of 10 pitchers for reception tables. I think my worksite is prettier than yours!

Thank you, Katie and Justin for inviting me be a part of your day and I wish you many blessings!


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