May 10th Weddings and Grandsons

Besides our Petal Party last weekend we also had two small weddings. The first peony to open is always Coral Sunset and that was just the color needed for our perky red headed bride Melanie. Festiva Maxima is next to open and that seemed perfect for Maria. See their bouquets below and then it’s time to bore you with pictures of our grandsons. Many of you haven’t met our newest addition, Jackson, born in late November. Count us blessed!

coral charm, ranunculus

peonies, ranunculus, physocarpus, vernoica, and wild cherry

bride and maids

Bride and maids relaxing on the old swing

spring bride

Maria received her nursing degree from Milligan and was married the next day. Congratulations!


Keller loves the farm and we love him!


and still room in our hearts for our new little love, Jackson!

9 thoughts on “May 10th Weddings and Grandsons

  1. Linda, the boys are adorable!!! I’m going to forward this to son Bobby. He mentioned Kelly and Jimmy on Mother’s day. The flowers are beautiful also. Thanks, Rita

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  2. Linda! I love your messages and pictures–and thanks for the grandson pictures. Wow! what bundles of fun! Love and miss you, Pat ________________________________

  3. Everytime I see my bouquet I get happier in my heart!! I am so glad that I found you because it made my wedding picture perfect!

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