May Petal Party

Beautiful people and flowers gathered at the farm this past Saturday. We worked at the Homeplace to stay dry and that was a delight in itself. The 140 year old house added a bit of peace to the day it seemed to me. After we finished arranging I was amazed as usual that each arrangement had a very special quality about it and that each arrangement was unique.

Several had been to Aunt Willie’s before and several were first timers – we even had a professional florist amongst us! But after all the dust had settled, Kristin and I decided it had been a very good day and our lives were richer for having spent time with such a lovely group.

all set and ready
flowers ready and waiting

the crew
with our finished products

sweet folk
the youngest among us

sweet folk
center stage

sweet folk
sweet folk

pretty table
then to Aunt Willie’s for lunch and more conversation before heading home

Thanks to each of you who came and shared your day with us!

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