May 3, Jillian and Jonathan

Jillian wanted flowers with a wild touch for her outdoor wedding which suited me just fine. Peonies and mock orange didn’t open as I’d hoped, but more and more  around to fill in the gaps. Ranunculus and Spring greens stars of the show on this beautiful wedding day!
May bride
Jillian’s bouquet was such fun to make with wild touches of clematis vine and good weeds!

french bucket
Ahhhhh. . . . French buckets

8 maids
Aunt Willie’s rusty ole’ glider never looked better. Count ’em – 8 bride’s maids!!

Maids of honor
Last of the lilacs went to the maids of honor

Pinterest D
My first attempt at a Pinterest “D”

Notice the pink lily of the valley – thanks to my friend June!

table flowers
Some bright flowers for the reception.Didn’t get pictures of the 12 shepherds’ hooks down the grassy wedding aisle.  But such a beautiful day in every way. Thank you for letting me  be a part of it.

Blessings to Jillian and Jonathan!

8 thoughts on “May 3, Jillian and Jonathan

  1. Hi there…do you currently have any ranunculus? I have a bride trying to get those and scabiosa pods.

    Misty Bays Happily Ever After 423-418-4657 Sent from my iPhone


  2. Your arrangements are so unique and natural looking. You use things I would I never consider such as weed type plant with a bloom!!

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