Meghan and Nathan’s winter wedding

While I usually don’t agree to winter weddings, when Meghan asked I couldn’t refuse. I watched Meghan grow up and both she and Nathan were Milligan kids and a special couple in every way. And while I won’t make a habit of it, it was actually kind of fun to NOT seed trays, transplant, weed, water, cut, strip, and then arrange flowers. There are better pictures coming from Blossom n Bloom photography, but until they arrive, I’ll share mine. Just one note. . . the last picture shows Nathan’s bout complete with a buffalo nickel in honor of their both being Milligan Buffalos. I never tire of the creativity of young minds. Spring is coming, but in the meantime, enjoy this last taste of winter.







2 thoughts on “Meghan and Nathan’s winter wedding

  1. Hello, you are handling my wedding on May 31st. I have some changes to make to the number of boutonnieres and bridesmaid bouquet.

    See below:

    6-bridesmaids bouquet
    1 – Bride bouquet
    1 – grooms boutonniere
    8- boutonniere (6 groomsman, 1-preacher, 1-brother)
    2 – corsages for mothers
    2- large flower arrangements for wine barrels

    1- Small arrangement for check-in table
    Cut flowers for wine bottles on table

    I also need some small sunflowers and few others flowers for the cake.

    Give me a call at 423-646-1951

    Judy Tweed
    Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.
    VP, Benefits
    One Alpha Place
    PO Box 16429
    Bristol, VA 24209
    276-739-4919 (office)
    276-739-8413 (fax)
    276-395-4821 (cell)

    “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.”

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