July 20, Blair and Alex

When Blair told me Alex proposed by tying her diamond in a cow’s tail and asking her to brush it, I knew Blair was no “pretend” farm girl!  I think our farm fresh flowers suited their farm fresh theme perfectly  as I  made the bouquets and then provided buckets of flowers for them to play with.  A really neat thing about this wedding was that Blair and Alex rode the same horse and buggy that Blair’s great grandparents rode at their wedding – well not the same horse I guess :)  Anyways, enjoy these pics.

Blair's bouquet

Blair’s bouquet

Blair let me use lots of fun things so not-quite-ripe-raspberries even made an appearance. My favorite dahlia, café au lait was also front and center.

boots n blooms

boots n blooms

Blair chose her comfy “shoes” to wear on her wedding day!

four pretty maids

four pretty maids

 Each bridesmaid  carried a bouquet similar to Blair’s,  just a bit smaller and a bit more pink.

french bucket
French buckets for barrels at the reception. Lots of wild stuff to play with.

Even bouts were fun – most with berries and one special lisianthus

Blair and Alex

Blair and Alex

So with horse and buggy from days gone by, we wish Blair and Alex all the

love and blessings that have followed their families for generations.

Happy Trails to you . . . .

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