June 15 Allison and Jonathan

Allison is a farmer’s market customer who loves life and loves flowers so it was an easy for us to be excited for her wedding even though it meant driving to Greenville SC to deliver. She wanted everything bright that was blooming mid June so that made it fun too.

june bright blooms

Allison’s bouquet was sunflowers, lilies, roses and all things bright.

Allison's bouquet

Allison’s bouquet

The nice thing about travelling to Greenville was getting to see Allison holding her flowers. This was at the photo shoot before the wedding.

Pretty maids

Pretty maids

The maid’s bouquets were similarly bright with lots of purple campanula added. Here they are curving gently awaiting their trip at Aunt Willie’s.

summer mix for moms

summer mix for moms

The moms choose to carry small bouquets of peonies, campanula and dusty miller.

ball jars

ball jars

The table pieces were bright and pretty and perfect for their farm style reception.

wall basket

wall basket

Allison even thought of a wall basket for the barn door!

setting sail

setting sail

Especially sweet for me was a text the next day from Allison and Jonathan with this pic of her flowers ready to set sail. I wish you calm seas and blessed sunsets!


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