Laura’s Wedding

April 13, 2013

Well, this is my first blog entry and what better way to begin than with a lovely spring wedding. Of course April weddings can be quite nerve-wracking as flowers wait to open til they’re good and ready. . . and this Spring, they weren’t ready anywhere near when I wanted them. All my talking, pleading, cajoling, and glaring had little effect.  Finally the last 3 days before Laura’s wedding, a few things pried them self free from winter and gave me a nod with at least a little of home-grown thrown in with some I had to find elsewhere. I ordered a bit, but just stuff that I would normally, if normally ever did apply to Spring, have growing on our farm.

But this sweet bride wanted my favorite wild look with lots of sticky outies. I had so much fun, especially with the bride and maid’s bouquets and was glad I had agreed to my earliest April wedding.

spring bouquet

Laura’s bouquet held daffodils, stock, Lenten roses, and ranunculus as the main flowers and then a couple of different spiraea, ivy, dusty miller, and eucalyptus filling in the gaps with a few sprigs of wild peach adding a little pop of pink.  I was so pleased that my silver dollar eucalyptus made it through the winter in our hoop house. It adds such a nice texture to anything it touches.

For the maid’s bouquet I added purple anemone to the mix to give a little bolder color and kept most everything similar but on a bit smaller scale. I liked the look but more importantly Laura and Lisa loved the flowers. The organic wild look went well at Chateau Selah wedding and reception site and even the crazy spring weather cooperated with a clear and sunny day.

maid's bouquet

And just for fun, this bride wanted her toss bouquet to break apart into pieces so more than one eager friend could hope to be the next bride. I created 4 small bouquets, tied each one, then put grouped into one bouquet. Laura set this arrangment at the guest book table, then later tossed it to pieces.  Fun and pretty to boot!

spring time

and finally bouts of ranunculus, ivy, and dusty miller


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